“For the children that death took while playing, for the men that weaken while working, for the poor that fail while loving, I will paint with the gun scream, with the thunder potency and the eagerness of battle.” – Oswaldo Guayasamin

(“Tears of Blood: Homage to Salvador Allende, Victor Jara, and Pablo Neruda” – Oswaldo Guayasamín. Oil on canvas)

Through my travels I had the utmost pleasure of meeting a man by the name of David Blake. Although our time together was short and at sometimes hazy a best; I knew I was in the presence of someone significant. It was apparent that he was no doubt a sucessful man, but lets be honest I could win the lottery tomorrow and half the people on earth would deem me a sucessful. Mr. Blake was more than simply sucessful, he was charming, intelligent and full of infectious positive life. He had that mangetism that we all strive for, but few can actually grasp and utilize to their benefit. Most importantly he was significant and his work is a clear and shining example of that. In my quest for constant self improvement he was a blessing.

Here is a Documentary co produced by none other than, the man, the legend…Mr. David Blake.

Please watch:



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