What do you get when you combine NOT running for a year and a Full Marathon? We’ll find out on Sunday…

With the final date looming just two weeks in the distance, I have my sights set on Ottawa this weekend for the Winterman Marathon. Due to the amount of physical tasks I have piled up on me at the moment my training for this race has been….well….zilch. With the pressures of doing the splits, dunking a basketball, bench pressing 300 pounds amongst other things, I simply had no choice but to leave something out. Spending 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week in the gym meant running just wasn’t an option if I wanted to keep the dangers of overtraining away. I’m not confident that it was the best decision as race day comes near, but I really don’t think I had any other choice. That being said, I am extremely excited to push my body and mind in a direction that’s completely foriegn to them and see if I come out ahead. I have no doubt that this is going to test me in ways I’m not prepared for and will bring me past my limit. My goal is to cross the line in under five hours and do so without breaking stride. If I can set a good pace, keep my toe nails attached to my feet and the tendons in my knees from snapping I think I can do it. Then again, this is a freakin marathon…….cripes.


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