Since last Sunday worked out so well…how about an ill advised backflip attempt!

Flying high from actually crossing the finish line at the Winterman and with only a week left on the clock, it’s time to attempt the Snowboard Backflip.
Upon returning from Coloumbia I immediately began fine tuning my snowboarding skills at the local bunny hill in Battawa. I have to admit for someone who had only been strapped in once before I thought I was doing just fine. That is until about 2 weeks later when I attempted my first jump. Now I didn’t go for it right away, I just wanted to ease myself in with a basic jump and stick the landing.
It didn’t go as planned.
I knocked the wind out of me and as I sat breathless on the side of the hill I was convinced I wasn’t going to be able to make it to the bottom. Who would’ve thought snow was so hard? Undettered though I came back a week later and threw down three more times. This time I kept this air inside me, but managed to walk away 0 for 3 and with a sore right ass cheek for the next two weeks. That was the end of my jumping. It was time to change strategies. My new plan of attack was to spend a weekend in Tremblant up in the glades with a shoveled out jump in deep powder. This was I could keep my ass and neck from being broken. The plan was a good one in theory, but unfortunately mother nature had other plans and thawed out my action. So, with next weekend tied up with other tasks and the temperature steadily on the rise again this week, I’m left with one option. Find a hill, build a jump, shovel some snow below it for padding…and go for it. Will it work out? Well….I do enjoy throwing my body around and I can do a backflip…..the question is can I do it with a big ackward board attached to my feet? I guess we’ll find out Sunday….


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