Torn up Shoulder, Unplanned Hospital Visit, Postponed Vacation…Video at the bottom. Dammit.

After the failed backflip attempt I was bruised, but not broken and more determined than ever to finish my final week on a high note. With physical goals like dunking a basketball, bench pressing 300 pounds and performing a planche pushup I decided to let my body calm down a bit before making my push towards the end. I took a day off, rested up and re focused. I knew that I had trained properly and eaten well for the last 7 weeks and that all three were in reach, even with the lingering soreness from the ass kcking I took on the hill. I decided to spend the week away from lifting any weights and focusing on some basic body weight circuit training and attempt all three tasks on the weekend. The moderate activity seemed to agree with me and I was pretty stoked about the weekend. Saturday morning I got up and did some stretching then made my way to the basement for goal number one: The planche pushup  ( click here to see! )  

I had been praticing this move for a while now and was confident today would be the day. I had done a few bent leg attempts at the gym two weeks proir and had little trouble getting through six. Today however, I could barely hold the position, let alone extend up. I couldn’t understand it, I had no pain, but my body wasn’t cooperating. I spent the next hour failing miserably to get it done and ended up baffled at why I had regressed so far. I decided to head off to the gym and try for the slam dunk. Again, for the weeks leading up I had been jumping like a mad man. My vertical seemed on par or higher than my highschool basketball days and I was ready. But again, something was wrong. I just wasn’t getting the pop I needed. Attempt after attempt I just wasn’t getting get up, my legs felt great, but I couldn’t get the height I was accustomed too. I must’ve tried close to a hundred times until I could barely walk and not one attempt went in clean. With my head hanging low I went home to get some food and a good nights sleep to come back in the next morning for one last shot at everything.

At 9 am Sunday morning, 24 hours before my flight to Nicaragua and the end of my journey I was back in the gym. I decided to start with bench press. My last max attempt two weeks prior :285 pnds. I racked 135pnds to warm myself up. Tony my partner stood behind me, but because so little weight was on the bar, he wasn’t paying attention. I unracked the barbell, lowered it to my chest and all of a sudden my arm gave out. It was as if it had completely paralyzed. I couldn’t move the weight, or adjust it in any way to get it off me. This is a weight that I can manage for 40 reps and all of a sudden it won’t budge for one! At this point I knew something was wrong. I immediately lowered the weight to 95 pnds to try again. Nothing ..I couldn’t move it. What the hell was going on?? What did I do to myself I thought.

I went straight to the hospital and explained my perdicament. The doctor did some strength tests and explained to me that he was certain I tore my supraspinatus shoulder muscle. He couldn’t be 100% certain without an ultrasound, but given the overall condidtion of strength in my arm  there was really no other explanation.

Less than 24 hours now before I leave, and I’ve been forced to throw in the towel. You gotta be kidding me. I explained my plans for the next month. Told him I would be living in a cabin outside of a fishing village and would have no comforts of home. That my plan was to write, surf and repeat. There was no way I could spend 2 months in a cabin with a bed and a fan and do nothing but write. I would go crazy. Not to  mention that I refuse to give up on these goals. I understood that I needed time to heal, but give up my surf trip? No way. I thanked him for his time and said “Thanks , but no thanks.” to the ultrasound. Physio is the standard protocol for Rotator Cuff tears and anyways, so I’ll just do it in Nicaragua…it’s not like I could afford it in Canada anyways. And surgery could weight anyways if that was the final diagnosis.

I left the hospital and went home to pack. But when I got home, for the first time in a long time I started thinking about later on down the line. Could I really give up surfing, excersising and all the things I love to do just to go hit the waves for the next two months? Is it really worth injuring myself for good?

I picked up the phone and called Taca arlines and asked if they could bump my flight back a week. Suprisingly, they said changing it would be possible ( a slight charge ofcourse). I jumped back in the car and headed to see the doctor again. He seemed happy I decided to change my mind. We talked for a bit about my options and booked and ultrasound for Wednesday (AMAZING for Ontario Healthcare) and he decided to give me a shot of Cortizone for my trip. We talked about a realistic physio regimen and he wish me luck. He even said that if I kept it relaxed surfing would actually aid in the recovery!!!!!! I mean, I’ll be longboarding it up instead of hunting for barrells, but SO WHAT!!!! 


So today, here I sit, with an arm aching from the cortizone, an extra week on my hands and a un certain take off date for Nicaragua…but you know what, I’m still happy.

As for the end to the journey?? FUCKKKKKK THATTT!!! There’s no die in this kid. I’m a keep on Keepin on!!! I may not have a close date to this trip, I may not have achieved every goal I attempted, but by the time I get on that plane I will have at least attempted them all. It was never about winning, only experiencing, and by the end of this, I can say that is exactly what I did.

** Here is some a video of me attempting my planche pushup and dunk. I was injured, but at least it shows that I was close and that I was indeed giving it my all. I will get them done though…sooner than later. Rehab here I come..


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