My Story!


That sums it up. One year, one life, one list. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s simple really. Life is all about choice. This is hardly a new concept, however the word choice itself deserves a lot of respect from us. Each day, we define ourselves by simply choosing to choose. Whether these choices are good or bad, we choose, and as a result our lives follow a path that is more or less is laid out by these choices. We choose to sleep an hour longer, instead of choosing to watch the sunrise. We choose to stay in a job we hate, instead of choosing to start our own business. We choose stability and familiarity instead of choosing our “wild dreams”. We choose, we choose and we choose some more. How often though, do we choose what we really want, or really need for that matter? Well I decided to choose what I really need. I made a choice that for one year, I would lead my life according to one list.I would grab up all my savings and go for it. What is this list you ask? It is a list of all the things I have always wanted to do, but chose not to for some reason or another. You see, we all have dreams, some small, some not so small, but all within reach. All we have to do is choose to focus on them. My list of dreams may not seem spectacular to everyone, but its mine. It’s my list and my mark…… xtraordinary if you will.  So for the next year, one challenge a week, I will strive to meet each challenge until my list is complete.

We all have it within ourselves to do, or be someone xtraordinary. We just have to choose to release what is inside us.

I’ll see you on the other side. What will you


2 responses to “My Story!

  1. All the words you wrote are consistent with words of the song which sings my soul.

    I like that you firstly wrote the list It’s very important.

    I think, you are living absolutely exciting life, And more, it’s unbelieveable how many things we can experience during only one year!
    That’s GREAT and I keep my fingers crossed you are able to Check all items lightly.

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