From time to time I will be posting links to the sites of important people and outfitters who have helped me along the way. Maybe they’ll be able to do the same for you!

William Ainsley Photography (An inspiring photographer and personal friend of mine) Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Adam Belnap is an up and coming “lifestyle and wedding” photographer. In addition, Adam also excells in the world of fashion and commercial photography.  His talents are numerous and his photography skills, well truly amazing. Please check out his website. Not only will his pictures speak to you, but if you take the time to read up on him……I think his personality will too.

Lowell Art Works (Life Drawing Group) If you live in, or happen to ever be in Evertt Washington and are a fan of the Arts, please drop in on one of Nikki Wheeler’s Life Drawing Sessions. The friendly atmosphere and local charm will make you feel right at home as you sketch side by side with one of Washingtons premeir artists. Nikki is as friendly as she is talented and wlcomes everyone to join her! Please take a look at her  website. All of the directions, dates and times are right at your finger tips!

Metropolitan Gymnastics. A fantastic club in Kent Washington specializing in Russian technique gymastics (the most prestigious and proven technique in the sport). Metropolitan offers its members a supporting staff with over 40 years experience. I had the pleasure of meeting three of the faces behind the club; Garren Kent, Jason Nash and in paticular, Boys Program Director, P.J Chi.
P.J.’s twelve years of experience, coupled with an extensive background in a multitude of other competitive sports has given him all the right tools to be the amazing teacher he is today. In just one day, he had me doing things that would take most coaches weeks, if not months to teach. His progressional style and down to earth mentality make for a challenging but comfortable atmosphere to learn in. If you have any aspirations of getting into the sport and live in Washington, please check him out!

Bill Foster Ballroom Dance Studio. Bill Foster. What can I say? The man changed my views on ballroom dancing. I went into the lessons one way and came out turned around. It’s easy to prescribe to the “I’m a guy and I don’t dance” theory and scoff at the mere thought of dancing, but one lesson with  Bill changes all of that. His no nonsense private lessons help you realize that dance is indeed a sport. At the end of just one lesson you’ll be craving another and more importantly be on your way to impressing more than a few ladies.
With over 30 years experience, Bill offers an intimate private setting to help you focus on actually learning to dance. You can be sure you’re getting your moneys worth, rather than spending  the better part of your hour watching 30 other couples step
on each others feet.  Please feel free to check out his site!!


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