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Random Thought #6

Fortune doesn’t favour the bold, it favours the disciplined.

If there is one thing I know to be true in this day in age, it is that there is a blue print that gaurantees success in almost anything. Human advancement has reached a point where most puzzles revolving around personal developmnt can be solved. Whether you want to jump higher, read faster, build muscle, or make a million dollars I believe it’s all within our grasp. Do you really think that every millionaire out there is smarter than you? Do you really believe that every person “in shape” has better genetics than you?

Skills in all walks of life aren’t always inherited; nowadays they are learned. The great thing about living in our day and age is that we have a wealth of information at our finger tips. With the internet, libraries, television and newspapers we are given multiple forms of data and often from credible sources. There has never been a time when the answers to our burning questions has been so readily available.

Its is our responsibilty however, to sort through this information and filter out the bull shit. Long gone are the days when word was our bond. Everything you read, hear and see, if it has merit has been backed up by solid evidence or proven without a shadow of a doubt. If it isn’t, it is up to us to question it. With a little research this shouldn’t be too hard.

Do you want to make money? Do you believe that there are people, books and articles that can really show you they way? Do you want a better body? Again, do you think there are people, books and articles that can show you the way? The answer is yes. In most cases what we want can be taught to us, or even self taught. Our problem as humans has never been a case of not having the right tools, but not having the discipline, or the determination to put them to use.

What’s more is that I don’t believe that obtaining these things; at least in theory should be difficult.

Sticking to the most common things we strive for, health and wealth I will attempt to explain this.

Good healthy living for most people is a struggle. Obtaining a six pack, toned legs or rock hard arms seems to be something that only the genetically blessed have been graced with. But ask yourself this, if this is what you strive for. What am I doing to achieve this? Have I put myself in a position to achieve any of these attributes? If we breakdown a healthy body into two categories, food and exercise the answers become remarkably simple. Eat right and exercise. Its not rocket science. Everyday we walk into the grocery store, or gym we have a choice. We can choose the healthy foods over the potato chips and we can choose to push ourselves over jogging for 30 mins while watching friends and talking to our gym buddies. You may say “Well there is more to getting fit than eating carrots and working hard at the gym; we all have different body types that require unique diets and routines.”. This is true and that’s precisely what books and qualified personal trainers are for. If you have ever watched the “Biggest Loser”, I think most people will agree that they’re not reinventing the wheel. The information that they’re giving these people can be found in countless books at your local Barnes and Noble. What they are giving them is the discipline and determination needed to stick to their goals.

When it comes to money I believe the same principles apply. Whether you make 10 bucks and hour, or 1,000 I believe that again, through discipline and determination you can turn your savings into a fortune. We’ve all heard of the wealthy barber and read headlines such as “Budget your way to early retirement”, but how many of us put these things into everyday practice? How many people stick to a budget religiously? When you’re tired and on your way home do you buy fast food, or stick to the cheaper option of eating at home. When shopping, do you go to the bargain rack, or do you buy the latest trend. When you’re socializing, do you invite people over, or go to the bars and spend countless dollars on drinks? These are all choices that slowly drain our hard earned cash and usually leave us scratching our heads wondering where all the money went. Most of my friends that complain about money have bar tabs that would make Norm Peterson blush. You don’t have to sacrifice the things you love in order to save money, you just have to change the way you think about those things. Throw a BYOB party, have “Fast food day”, buy timeless clothing and a new fancy top once a month. Minor adjustments can make a big difference.

My point is, is that making our goals part of our daily habits will undoubtedly put us in a position to succeed. The task at hand doesn’t have to be complex, but our minds need to be focused. Our struggle doesn’t come from overcoming insurmountable external odds. It comes within ourselves and our battle to stick to a plan; no matter how well laid out and simple it may be. We all knoa dumb millionaire, or a string bean turned fitness guru. Do you really think that they know some heavily guarded secret? Do you really think they are smarter or more physically gifted than you? I call bullshit.