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After failing to even really attempt a goal for the first time I had to do some thinking. The truth is after leaving the meditation center, I felt like a complete jackass. I know in my heart I didn’t have the strength to see it through, but the real problem was that I didn’t give it a fair shot. It’s less than 24hrs later and I can”t figure out if it was better to walk away, or fail miserably and run away in the middle of group meditation. I would have disrupted an ancient mantra, disgraced a holy temple and pissed a lot of people off, but at least I would have my dignity right?PFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!. The bottom line is both avenues would have led me to failure and that sucks. Failing to even attempt the goal however, puts me in a position I haven’t been in since the 4th week of my trip. I must now replace my “failed to attempt” goal with a new one. I have had a hell of a time trying to add new things to this list. I’ve made a few changes here and there out of necessity, but even then I had to dig down deep for suitable replacements. It wasn’t until I remembered something my cousin suggested (Thanks Jenna) that things fell into place perfectly. If I can’t add another goal to my list, why don’t I help someone else achieve a goal from theirs? So many people have helped me out over the years: Brook Thompson, Maame Barima, Wayne Dawson, Greg Knudsen, Nick Empey, Neil MacDonald, Anand Methda, Chris Bentler, Nadin Kara, Dave Robinson, Jeff Mornan, Ika ven der Vyver, Kanoa Hough, Tein, The Entire Kobra Family, Pawan Kumar…the list goes on and on and on. I cannot even begin to repay the generosity of these people, but I hope that they know how much they have meant to me over the years., or in the short time I have known them. The point is that I have been truly blessed with loving friends and an amazing family. They have all helped me at one point or another and while I have the means to do so, maybe I can help someone else achieve something meaningful to them. SOOOO what I would like from each and everyone of you is to email me, Facebook me, or leave a comment on my page with the NUMBER ONE goal you would like to achieve. It doesn’t even have to be yours, it can be on behalf of someone else you would like to help. It can be anything you or someone you care about desires and I will do everything in my power to see that it happens. One month from now I will randomly pick one out of a hat and make it my mission to help whoever it may be achieve there goal by the time my trip is up. I encourage you to think BIG. Well maybe not too big…I’m sorry, but I can not afford to put anyone on Virgins new ship to outer space, but I think you get the picture. Whether its a trip, physical challenge, meeting a long lost friend etc. just write me. Hell pass this along to you friends and have them write me. Just make sure its something meaningful and I promise you I will do everything in my power to make it happen. PS – I would love for EVERYONE to participate. Don’t be bashful. This won’t work very well if there are two names in the hat and they happen to be something like my Mom and my Aunt!