The List!!!!!


So this is it. This is my life for the next year. This is the sum of my dreams and aspirations. This is a combination of all my effort, blood, sweat and tears. This is my new awakening. O.k., well it’s not quite that dramatic, but it will be a heck of a year. Here below lies a look into what I consider a year of personal growth. All of these goals at one point or another I dreamed of accomplishing. Whether I was 8 years old writing about being a rock star, or twenty seven and longing to surf a hollow left in Indonesia, now is the time. So no matter how childish, or pointless some seem, I owe it to myself to finally see them all through. In the end, all of these weeks combined will help in defining who I am and who I intend to become.

So, without further ado… list.

Objective: To achieve everything on this list within a years time week by week. The last seven goals can be completed at anytime anywhere. The remainder must be completed in their respectives countries. Any failed goals MUST be replaced with backups and finished as well.

North America
Week 1. Take a 4 day train ride from Toronto to Vancouver through the most beautiful untapped wilderness in the world. CHECK!
Week 2. – Posing nude for an art class (USA)CHECK!
Week 3. – Learn how to do a back handspring into a back flip. (USA)CHECK! (1 week late).
Week 4. – Learn a proper ball room dance routine (USA)CHECK!
Week 5. – Beat a U.S. Border Agent in a face to face stare down (USA) Attempted and FAILED!
Week 6. – Shoot my own dance music video (USA)CHECK!
South Africa
Week 7. – Cage Diving with Great White Sharks. CHECK!
Week 8. – Go on a South African Safari FAILED!! Replaced with Backflip on Wakeboard
Week 9. – Bungee jumping at the highest bungee jump site in the world CHECK!
Week 10.- Walk with the penquins at boulder beach CHECK!

New Zealand
 Week 11.– Jet Boating the Shotover River CHECK!
Week 12. – Flying in a Red Bull Acerobatic fighter plane! CHECK!
Week 13. – Getting to touch a real floating Glacier! CHECK!
Week 14. – Sky Diving in Queenstown CHECK!
Week 15. – Take a ride on the world tallest rope swing. CHECK!


Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,) & India

 Week 16. – Get barrelled surfing (Indonesia). Attempted but Failed.
Week 17. – Kayaking in Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) CHECK!
Week 18. – Participate in a Muay Thai kickboxing match (Thailand)Attempted but Failed.
Week 19. – Getting my PADI open water diving certification. (Vietnam) CHECK!
Week 20. – Travel down the Nam Song River in Vang Viang (Laos) CHECK!
Week 21. -Have my past, present and future read by a Nadi Astrologer (India) CHECK!
Week 22. – Photograph a Tiger in the wild (India) Attempted but Failed.
Week 23 – Visit a Hindu Ashram for meditation and devote 7 days to silence (India)Failed.
Week 24 – Kill, eat and drink the blood of a live cobra! CHECK!


Europe (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece,Iceland)

 Week 26. – Walk the most Dangerous foot path in the world. (Spain) CHECK!
Week 27. – Stay at a haunted house anywhere in europe CHECK!
Week 28 – Open for Suggestion! CHECK!
Week 29. – Climb a Via Ferrata in the Dolomites (Italy) Attempted & Failed!
Week 30. – Run with the bulls (Spain) CHECK!
Week 31. – Relax in the blue lagoon (Iceland) CHECK!


South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,)

Week 32. – Raft down the Amazon river (Peru) CHECK!
Week 33. – Stay with an Indigenous family and experience their culture. .5 CHECK!
Week 34. – Dune surf in the oasis of Huacachina (Peru) CHECK!
Week 35. – Visit the famous Machu Picchu (Peru) CHECK!

Week 36.- Ride the road of death, the worlds most dangerous road way (Bolivia) CHECK!
Week 37.- Ice climb in Bolivia FAIL!
Week  38. – Learn to Salsa in Colombia CHECK!


Week 39.– Perform a backflip on a snowboard.
Week 40. – Set a world record.
Week 41. – Land a 40 gap jump on a dirt bike/Atv/Snowmobile. (Canada)
Week 42. – Audition for plays/TV/Commercials/Movies (Canada)
Week 43.- Help someone achieve a goal. CHECK!

Six Things I can do anywhere at anytime.(as long as they’re done within the year)
44. Bench Press 300 pnds
45. Dunk a basketball with 2 hands
46. Learn to do the splits
47. Do a planche pushup Video
48. Run a marathon CHECK!
49. Perform in front of a live crowd.
50. Get my first and only tattoo CHECK!


4 responses to “The List!!!!!

  1. good luck with it all, I hope to see you finished!

  2. hey hows the list going. i hope well. in case you dont remember me i’m from week 5 the “agent”. sorry but i had to do my job. i really respect what you are doing and have been watching your progress. best of luck and best wishes. and plz keep posting

    • Hey!!! You know what, as crazy as it sounds; this is one of the coolest comments I’ve got. No apologies necessary. Although I don’t regret my decision (I still would kill to move back to Hawaii), the bottom line is that it was wrong in the eyes of the law. Thanks for the msg and who knows, maybe when I can finally get back in the states I’ll look you up and take you out for a beer on mefor making my journey that much more interesting!!

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