The FINAL video!!! – A Montage of it all – Nuff Said 😉


Week 1 (Toronto to BC)Ok this is the FIRST video. My timing is not the best on it, and the footage isn’t great. I promise they will get much better week by week

Week 2 (Posing nude)Second Video turned out o.k. but  still needs some work. I can’t figure out how to title them yet!!!! but i think it’s better

Week 3 (Back Flip)Newer version up!! Hope you like it!

Goal 4 (Ballroom Dancing) Check it out!!

Goal 4 (Ballroom Dancing Class) Check it out!!

Goal 5 (Krumping) A little dark! See if I did it any kind of justice!

Goal Errrr  Six???(Getting things back on track!) Just a little recap of things so far!

Goal 7 (Walking with Penguins) So cool. Check these guys out!!

Goal 8 (Great White Shark Cage Diving) Pretty Facking Cool.

Goal 9 (Glacier boat ride) Sweet.

Goal 10 (SkyDiving in NZ) Cool Beans!

Goal 11 (Aerobatic Plane Ride)SICK!!!!

Goal 12 (Surfing a barrel)What a good trip.

Goal 13 (Worlds Largest Bungee) beats all others by MILES!!!

Goal 14 (Thai Boxing) The most Amazing Gym in Thailand

Goal 15 (Eating a snake heart) Take about shaky hands!

Goal 16-17 (Kayaking Ha Long Bay and Getting my open water diving certificate) Vietnam MUST be visited!

Goal 18 – Staying on the Worlds Most Haunted Island! ONCE is good enough!

Goal 19 – Running with the BULLS!!!! – Best Rush YET!!!


Goal 21 – Sandingboarding in Huacachina – I can’t believe places like this exsist!

Goal 22 – Visiting Machu Picchu!! – Un.for.getable.

Goal 23 – Biking the Worlds Most Danerous Road – Not a bad way to spend a day

The FINAL video!!! – A Montage of it all – Nuff Said 😉


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